Project summery

Price list for casual rates & ongoing weekly packages

Casual Rate Summary – Prices on the run

All rates and packages are negotiable

Casual booking minimum 2hrs – $110

Emergency call-out or one-offs’ per hour – $60

System Support & Phone help or instructions & training for 30 minutes – $25

Whatever job you have we will find a way to help your business. You never know when you may need someone just for a day when no one else is available!

Projects highlights

Target Audience Marketing Promotions

Samples of campaign platforms can be presented, ideas for new clients, and promotional products designed with samples on digital programs.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Various ways and software programs, subscription services available to use, we can help find one that best suites your business.

Database Solutions for Marketing Services

Finding the best program for you to design your own ideas, how to use it, or we can design them for you, set up business colours and logos.

Every day tasks and skills, general admin

Skills & technologies

Website updates and edits


General Admin Tasks

Web Design / Domain Names / Hosting services
Marketing Design, Promotional Flyers, Presentations
Accounting data input for quotes and invoicing

Admin is such a short word for all the work it can involve. Let us find an easy solution for admin projects.

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More projects

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