CANVA Pro Group Training including Smartmockups


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This option is for a group of to 3-5 people priced at a day rate, own laptops will be needed, the hire of 2 will be available.
This course is an introduction to the wonders of creating your first masterpiece. Make your own adverts, flyers, videos, or business branding and logo. We’ll show you how to get started and what you can create for free. Or for those who want to take the software to the next level, if you use Canva regularly but don’t know the full potential or how to resize, change formats for downloading, sharing, branding, and using formatting tools for layouts and have been wondering if the upgrade is worth it, then the answer is yes, book now to find out, try Canva Pro for 30 days for free! We will cover the basics of formatting your designs, layouts, elements text aligning, amazing backgrounds, and how to upload and use your own photos or choose from the thousands that Canva Pro has to offer. For those who are more advanced find out how to do the things you always get stuck on, or just learn how to do more time-saving ways of designing.


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